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Orca is the browser-based alternative to the Piranha app. It is used when digital cameras are used for photography instead of smartphones. After transferring the images to a computer and uploading them to the Orca, the same checks take place as the Piranha app does – but only then and not during the photographing.

Once you have created the images and imported them to a computer, the Orca website will be used. After login, select the desired product in which the number of images, the resolution of the images and the desired background is already stored. Now upload your pictures by drag’n’drop and name the picture set, ideally with the vehicle identification number (VIN) to avoid confusion. During the upload, the images are checked if they can be processed. If the set conditions are met (minimum and maximum number of images, minimum and maximum resolution of the images, etc.), the images can be transferred for retouching.
Via the Orca website you always have an overview of which pictures are currently still being processed. Once the pictures have been retouched, they will also be made available for download via the Orca website.

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