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Angle validation on iOS 14

You may experience issues with the angle validation on devices running iOS 14. Please update your iPhone to iOS 14.1. Should you still encounter any issues, please contact our support.

MEG meets dotzilla

On top of the many existing APIs we can now provide another one with dotzilla. While the image delivery to dotzilla was already possible, you can now also generate to-do lists from your CarGate360° directly in the Piranha app. This way you can see immediately which vehicles still need to be photographed. The activation is completely free of charge.
Interested? Our support is ready for your enquiry!

Email notifications

Did you know that our system offers a variety of notification settings? Do you prefer real-time notifications for the completion of each individual vehicle set? Would you rather receive one daily summary on all completed tasks? Would you like additional notifications in case of rejected images? It’s all possible. Contact us and let us know your preference!

New VIN scanner

With the latest Update we have implemented several new features, including an ai-based, faster and more dependable VIN scanner with the aim to best all other VIN scanners on the market. Should you still encounter any issues, you can use the VIN scanner to submit a picture of the unidentified VIN and help us improve the ai for future scans.

Mirror neutralization

We have good news once again! For a more consistent look we are from now on also clipping all side and rearview mirrors. This will happen by default and without any additional costs for you.

Social Media

Hello Piranha users! We are now active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!
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¡Hola usuarios de Piranha! Hemos revisado todas las vistas, guías y pautas y reducido su tamaño en un 82.6%. ¡Esto significa que cargarán mucho más rápido a partir de ahora!

Nuevos fondos

¡Hola usuarios de Piranha! Acabamos de publicar nuevos fondos en Gecko. Si está interesado no dude en contactarnos. Si aún no tiene un usuario para Gecko, contacte a su persona de contacto.

¿Le gustan nuestras herramientas?
Si está interesado en nuestras soluciones y si está buscando un socio de confianza e impulsado por la innovación informática está en el sitio correcto. Contáctenos y le configuraremos su usuario lo antes posible.



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