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Mirror neutralization

We have good news once again! For a more consistent look we are from now on also clipping all side and rearview mirrors. This will happen by default and without any additional costs for you.

Social Media

Hello Piranha users! We are now active on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!
Please tap the following buttons if you want to follow us for the latest news and updates. Thank you!

New Backdrops

Hello Piranha users! We have just published new backdrops in the Gecko library. If you are interested in adding one of them to your products, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case you still do not have a Gecko-Log in, please inform contact person.


Hello Piranha users! We have completely updated all cartridges  [the different views of the vehicle, composed of the guidelines, thumbnails and ghosts], reducing the size of the files by an awesome 82.6%. Therefore, the cartridges will now charge considerably faster.

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