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360° exterior stabilized by Piranha

While building our 360° exterior walk around solution for Piranha, we first went with the common video stabilizing approach. After some time we found out that results made with this approach did not really meet our expectations in terms of quality and comfort because:

  • it is relatively slow
  • not possible to display a wysiwyg preview
  • video stabilization does not keep the car in focus
  • users have to be very careful during the capturing process
  • the results cause headaches when looking at them

So we decided to follow a completely new approach based on the newest technologies available. A couple of weeks later we finally cracked the nut! The 360° player on the left bottom shows a car shot on a smartphone without a gimbal. The right player shows the same images with the Piranha stabilization applied.

We are expecting to release this new tech by the end of March so that you can get your hands on it as well. ENJOY!

Source images from camera

Stabilized by Piranha

A nice side effect about this approach is, that we can also use it to smoothen our Piranha 360° fly arounds. The new approach also works with Natas [our AI] for background blurring.
If you are interested to test our new tech before its official release feel free to send us a mail. Thank you!

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