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Save up to 82% time getting your car pictures online.


Assures an organized and consistent appearance. Browsing your offers will be more fun.

High quality

Thanks to the great cameras in the newest smartphone generations, your images will be awesome!

What is the Piranha?

Piranha is a mobile app. It was designed to make automobile photography as simple and intuitive as possible, especially since current smartphones are in no way inferior to conventional digital compact cameras. Based on your wishes, it dictates to the photographer how many photos are to be made, which views to choose and helps to shoot the vehicle at the perfect angle. In real time, it checks whether the photos are suitable for further processing. Subsequently, the images are transmitted directly for processing.

The Piranha App streamlines your processes, helping you save time and money. From the creation of the photos to the handover for processing all in one app in just 4 steps:

  • Select product – the number of images, the resolution of the images and your desired background are already stored in the product
  • Scanning or entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) – the VIN serves to uniquely assign the images to the vehicle
  • Take pictures – the Piranha app helps to find the right views and angles through contour lines and sample images
  • Transfer images – all images of a vehicle are summarized in a batch and can be transmitted immediately or at a later time for processing

The finished images are then made available within the agreed delivery time via the desired path. This can be e.g. via a download link via email, via the Piranha website or automatically via the Fox interface.

Onboarding process

  1. Chose your product [or let us build your individual product]
  2. Select your backdrop []
  3. Download the Piranha app from the app store and log in
  4. Start shooting

Optimized Sets

Do you sell your vehicles mainly on the well-known used car exchanges? Then you should take a look at our ready-made sets, which are specially tailored to the packages of the large platforms. The background can of course be chosen individually from the Gecko background gallery. It is also possible to work with several products – no matter if predefined or individual. So it is up to you to decide, e.g. based on the price or brand of the vehicle, how many pictures you want to take.

Customized products

Do you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors with individual vehicle pictures? Then we are happy to put together a tailor-made product with you. Whether you want special views, special shooting angles or an increased number of detail pictures, we will define these parameters together with you. Once your individual set was created, it will show up with your next restart of the Piranha app, ready to guide you through photographing the sets to meet your wishes. Of course, you can also work with several individual or predefined sets and then use them in the app as needed.

Piranha App download links

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