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Total transparency

The eagle grants you total transparency at any time.


You define what info you want to see.

Fully responsive

The eagle will work on all your devices.

What is the Eagle?

The Eagle is the perfect tool for medium and large businesses, but also for resellers to keep track. The Eagle Cockpit shows you all the relevant information in connection with your automobile photography and retouching at a glance and can be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Are you responsible for the photography or online presentation of your vehicles? Then the following information might be of interest to you:
– Which vehicle pictures are currently being processed?
– When are these pictures expected to be finished?
– Before and after comparison of images for the purpose of quality assurance.

Are you the manager of a car dealership? Then you might be interested in:
– how long it takes on average before the finished pictures come back.
– which costs have accumulated in the current month or month for the image retouching.
– having the reports split according by branches, employees, type of processing, … .

Of course, as a sales partner, you always have to know:
– how many images is which customer having retouched right now.
– what the delivery times for the processed images are for your customers.
– which sales were generated in the period X with the image retouching.

You have the free choice to look at the Eagle Cockpit from your computer, to run it on a large screen / TV / beamer, or to check the current status quickly on the go on a tablet or smartphone.

In addition to the reports listed above, many more information can be displayed in the cockpit, e.g. the number of vehicles in your fleet that are still without vehicle images. Or how long it takes, on average, before a new vehicle is provided with pictures by your employees. The basis for this, of course, is that corresponding raw data from your systems is made available via the Meg interface.

Incidentally, from this raw data, e.g. also a “to-do list” can be created in the Piranha app or in the Orca web upload, so that your employees know directly which vehicles have to be photographed next.

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.


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