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Our usual delivery time is 24 hours.


Every vehicle image set runs through a quality assurance process.

High quality

Level correction and window clipping.

Automotive Retouching: Better photos in shorter times

In the automotive industry perfect photos strongly affect sales.
A vehicle on a neutral — or even just a clean — background of choice looks attractive and professional. The viewer is not unnecessarily sidetracked by distracting objects in the background.
Furthermore, your corporate identity can be easily applied to your used cars and thus increases your recognition value.

For your perfect vehicle pictures, we currently offer the following products:

Normal Cut [NC]

In Normal Cut processing, the background above the vehicle is removed and replaced with the background of your choice. The ground and shadow from the original picture are preserved.

Complete Cut [CC]

In Complete Cut processing, the vehicle is completely cut out. It is then enhanced with shadows and placed on the background and ground of your choice. This enables to you to present all your vehicles in uniform surroundings (and, in contrast to the NC processing, also on uniform grounds).

Color & level corrections

Color correction is performed by default in order to make your vehicles look as natural as possible.

Window clipping

The masking of the windows is standard, both in Normal Cut and in Complete Cut, so that the new background is also visible through the vehicle windows.

Interior photos

We also get the best out of the interior views of your vehicles. In order to avoid losing any detail, we correct the hue and saturation of the color, and lighten areas that are too dark. To emphasise on the essentials we can also clip out the windows and use clean backgrounds of your choice.

Number plate inlays & sticker removal

If wanted we can insert your own personal number plate inlays into all your pictures and remove car stickers as well.


If needed, we also integrate fine-dust stickers, CO2-efficiency classes, and action banners into your pictures.
For your preferences that are not listed here, please contact us.

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.

Our office addresses

Germany / 10825 Berlin / Salzburger Straße 18
India / Vaishali / NCR / Ansal Plaza Mall
Serbia / 18000 Niš/ Pariske komune 1
Spain / 08005 Barcelona / Salvador Espriu 93
Sweden / 262 32 Ängelholm / Storgatan 40

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