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Making your images great [again]!

In the automotive industry perfect photos strongly affect sales.
A vehicle on a neutral — or even just a clean — background of choice looks attractive and professional. The viewer is not unnecessarily sidetracked by distracting objects in the background.
Furthermore, your corporate identity can be easily applied to your used cars and thus increases your recognition value.

Over the past few years, the automotive sector and its needs have become more and more of a focus, as e-commerce in this industry is rapidly gaining ground. Out of this need emerged the applications. The solutions developed help car dealers digitize the often manual steps in automotive photography and can be perfectly integrated into an existing system architecture if required.

Thanks to our offshore outsourcing concept we are able to deliver the highest quality in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible prices. The resulting costs are exactly calculable for you in advance.

Many European car dealers are currently going through difficult times. The diesel scandal, months of discussions about emissions and threats of driving bans give you a headache, especially with diesel vehicles. But also the gasoline engines had last a noticeable decline in the residual value development record (source: Schwacke residual value development and service life 02/2018). And to make matters worse, the stand days are also increasing and are currently at the market average of 107 days (Source: Schwacke Residual Development and Downtimes 02/2018). According to calculations of the German automobile trust (DAT) from their extensive data collection “a diesel passenger car costs the trade on average 26 euros” per day.

Against these backgrounds, it is important to make the best possible use of the positive trends in the used car market. Fortunately, more and more interested parties use the Internet not only as an information and comparison platform, but can also imagine in the future to buy their used on this way. Several studies and surveys have come to the conclusion that around one third of all cars will be purchased online within the next few years. In order to be prepared for this, more and more automakers are currently developing their own “onlinesshops” for their authorized dealers in addition to the well-known used car exchanges.

In order to benefit from the loss of these regional borders, it is important to stand out from the broad mass of competitors. This succeeds in the Internet primarily on meaningful and appealing vehicle images. According to AutoScout24, the chance of potential buyers contacting you increases by 67% if your ad has vehicle images (Source: AutoScout24 Photo Guide, Stand 05/2017). The number of vehicle tours even increases by a factor of 5 for advertisements with pictures (Source: AutoScout24 Foto-Guide Stand 05/2017)! And by the way, in the pictures you can still reflect your corporate identity and the brand image and thus significantly increase your recognition value.

This has also recognized the car manufacturers. One manufacturer after another defines detailed guidelines and standards for vehicle photography for its dealers. In addition to the exact specification of which views are to be photographed per vehicle, it is usually also precisely defined how these images are to be processed. Only if all criteria are met, the vehicle images for the car exchanges may be provided with the logos of the respective manufacturer’s used car programs.

Yoozoo GmbH is familiar with many of the existing manufacturer specifications and implements them daily in image processing. But we are also active for countless free traders in the frame of image retouching. And also photo service providers are among our customers and let the professionally created vehicle shots of us with the final touches.

In order to keep our customers’ expenses as low as possible in this context, we have developed various solutions over the last few years, such as: perfectly integrated into existing processes and systems. An overview and further information can be found here.

Also with the picture processing there are the most different wishes and requirements. An overview of the most common types of processing we have compiled here.

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.


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