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Vehicle photography and vehicle clipping via app

When it comes to buying a car, professionalism and image quality are two decisive factors that significantly influence the customer’s purchase decision. Automobile manufacturers and dealerships therefore pay close attention to the perfect presentation of their goods in-store and online. Professional vehicle images and vehicle cutouts are essential for a convincing presentation – a uniform look with a professional vehicle cutout in the background puts your goods elegantly in the limelight and strengthens the recognition value of the company. with the innovative Piranha App for vehicle photography offers a handy tool for professional vehicle photos that are ideally suited for cropping. Clipping car images has never been so easy and inexpensive – all information about the app can be found here.

How does the vehicle retouching process work?

The Piranha App works on all common smartphones and tablets and is available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store and for Android devices in the Google App Store. The app uses the high-quality cameras of current mobile phones or tablets and turns all steps in professional automotive photography. When taking photos, the Piranha App, in addition to the uniform exposure, ensures that all vehicles are photographed from the right distance and at the right angle. The automated naming of the images, e.g. based on the vehicle identification number (VIN, formerly chassis number), makes it easier to assign the individual images later if you want to capture several vehicles one after the other.  Auxiliary lines in the picture show the optimal position for the car. Your set of images can be presented in a uniform way and the automobiles are later displayed in a comparable manner and their recognition value is increased. Once captured, you can send the images for image retouching. You will be offered with several different backgrounds for the vehicle presentation, and you can select the desired background for each vehicle before submitting it. The image transfer runs directly via the Piranha App and does not require any heavy data transfer via USB cable or card. Our graphics experts will then check the quality of all images and use the uniform background and logos of your choice as part of the vehicle processing. You can check the remaining delivery time at any time in the Piranha App for vehicle photography. Furthermore, you can stop wasting money and time on photographers by using our app and still present their products professionally and uniformly.

Image processing for professional vehicle shooting

The Piranha App offers several useful features for the optimal display of vehicle images. The subsequent release of the car images can be implemented as a normal cut or as a complete cut – so the background can also be changed. Of course, the editing of the transparent window surfaces is also part of the process. The new background also shines through the windows. For higher recognition values, you can insert colored banners and logos. Unwanted stickers and number plates can be digitally removed. The product image can be easily adapted to your existing catalogue and the advantages of the car will be shown perfectly. New vehicles can thus be inserted significantly faster and they will be more visually appealing in the catalogue. They can also be conveyed significantly better to the customer.

Where can I use the retouched car images?

The rights for all your product images remain with you, of course. Car dealerships and manufacturers use the app to create vehicle images using their own design and with a high recognition value for their online appearances. It makes no difference whether the images are needed for your own website, or for the usual car exchanges, e.g. Autoscout24, or ebayMotors. If you also use your pictures in the print area, you can also use your new, uniform vehicle images from the Piranha App there and provide your vehicle exposés, flyers, advertisements or newspaper advertisements with a high recognition value.

The Piranha App and the image editing briefly explained:

  • Uniform, professional vehicle extracting
  • Cost-effective image processing from the professional editors
  • Normal Cut (Background Cleared) and Complete Cut (Background and Ground fused together) are possible
  • Optimization of contrast, sharpness, hue and color saturation
  • Includes window and transparent surfaces
  • Insert banners, logos and license plates
  • Time-saving through automatic upload
  • Save time with intelligent image processing
  • Release car images within 24 hours
  • Save up to 82% of your time

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.


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