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Gecko Backdrop Configurator

Welcome to Gecko Backdrop Configurator! This tool allows you to create your very own custom backdrop and road combination. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Choose your vehicle type: Select from a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

2. Explore the backdrops: Browse through our collection of backdrops using the < > buttons or by selecting from the gallery below. Find the perfect backdrop that suits your style.

3. Select your road: Use the <<  >> buttons or the “Roads” tab below the preview image to choose the road that complements your backdrop.

4. Save or share your setup: Once you’re happy with your design, you can copy the setup code or download the setup image and send it to

5. Personalize your backdrop: If you want to add your company logo or other graphics to your backdrop, simply send it to us along with your setup image. Our team will create a personalized backdrop just for you!

With Gecko Backdrop Configurator, you can create a unique and personalized backdrop that perfectly represents your brand or style. Start creating your custom backdrop today!


Choose your vehicle
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Your Setup Code:
  • Backdrops
  • Roads
  • BD0089BD0089
  • BD1023BD1023
  • BD1021BD1021
  • BD0600BD0600
  • BD0588BD0588
  • BD0567BD0567
  • BD0560BD0560
  • BD0369BD0369
  • BD0299BD0299
  • BD0279BD0279
  • BD0222BD0222
  • BD0160BD0160
  • BD0120BD0120
  • BD0071BD0071
  • BD0082BD0082
  • BD0098BD0098
  • R0009R0009
  • R0005R0005
  • R0601R0601
  • R0082R0082
  • R1011R1011
  • R0600R0600
  • R0001R0001
  • R0071R0071
  • R1000R1000
  • R0610R0610
  • R0002R0002
  • R0003R0003

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