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Automotive photography via app

Piranha now allows you to take photos, 360° Spins, 360° Interiors, and capture Videos - all with the same app. If you want to provide transparency for your potential customers and show them the vehicles in full detail - interior as well as exterior - our Piranha app is your solution.

NextGen 360° spins

While implementing our 360° exterior spin solution we followed an approach that allows you to create buttery smooth results within seconds. All you need is a modern smartphone!

Piranha stabilization

To stabilize the 360 spins we use the most innovative technology. This way we can avoid unnecessary distractions through jumps in the spin.

Raw 360° spin without any stabilization applied

360° spin stabilized by Piranha

AI background blurring

With the aid of our artificial intelligence the 360 spin backgrounds can be blurred. Thus people and objects in the background become unrecognisable and data protection can be assured. You can even choose the blurring degree yourself.


8% background blurring


12% background blurring

Via our Natas AI [] API you can now implement our AI services to work directly with your own apps and services. Feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested.

Overlays and animated overlays

With our static and animated overlays you can personalize your 360 spins and make them stand out.

Static overlay

Animated overlay

Create spins of vehicles of all shapes and sizes

With the Piranha app you can make 360 spins of any vehicle – no matter the size and shape. Scooter, truck, convertible sports car, RV and anything in between – it all works.



Piranha App download links

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.


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