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Parallax Piranha 360° interior

360° Interior Views

Using a 360° camera from the list below you can create perfect interior views which we can clip on your wish. Just choose one or more of our processing types.

No Retouching

If you choose “No Retouching” the interior shots simply go through our system without any retouching and you will receive them as 360° interior views.


During “Clipping” we clip the windows to add a backdrop of your choice and neutralize the mirrors.
If requested we also adjust brightness, contrast and colors.

Ihr individueller Wunschhintergrund

We can create your own individual 360° backdrop either based on your wishes or matching your 2D-backdrop.

Other Processing Options

On top of the clipping we can also cover the tripod-residue with your logo or retouch the area based on your wishes.


Tripod Removal

Required Hardware

In order to shoot 360° interior views you need a Ricoh Theta V or S camera with a fitting tripod. The Piranha app connects directly with your camera and the images will automatically be forwarded for processed.

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