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Automotive photography via app

Piranha now allows you to take photos, 360° Spins, 360° Interiors, and capture Videos - all with the same app. If you want to provide transparency for your potential customers and show them the vehicles in full detail - interior as well as exterior - our Piranha app is your solution.

Real videos - not slideshows

Talking about videos in the car dealership business, said videos are usually simple slideshows: The existing images of a vehicle are put together and showed one after another, sometimes with music and sometimes with vehicle information added in text form. This option is offered by many system providers and platforms, but it does not add much value to the viewer. Filming, editing and publishing real videos, as well as handling the amount of data used to be impractical and a lot of effort.

Not anymore: all you need to do is record several short videos while the Piranha App smoothly guides you through this process. These videos will then be cut to the chosen beat and combined into the final video using transitions, and an intro and outro are added. The finished product will provide transparency and give potential customers additional insight on the vehicle.

And... action!

Create your own script by combining your individual video product from multiple short video clips. This way you can show potential customers your vehicles virtually, the way you also would on location. For finishing touches, you can add a personal overlay with branding, contact information and more.
Whatever you need, we will love to help you create your product! For a quick start you can also choose one of the following two presets.

Short video

Long video

Build emotional connections with music

Cars are sold through emotions and studies show that music is an important part of creating these emotions, that commercials work better with music than without. With our video feature you can add music and therefore appeal to potential customers using an additional sense. Just choose a fitting track for your videos from our audio library.
You already have a jingle or your own music that you would like to use? Just inform our support and we will check if it is possible to use these.

Piranha App download links

Do you like our solutions?
If you are interested in our solutions and if you are looking for a reliable and IT driven automotive imagery partner look no farther. Contact us and we will setup your account ASAP.


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